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 pas68 k12 crash tested barrier

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X-ray vehicle scanner-x-ray vehicle scanning system-x-ray vehicle inspection-surveillance systems manufacturer

X-ray vehicle scanner-x-ray vehicle scanning system-x-ray vehicle inspection-surveillance systems manufacturer X-ray cargo container truck car vehicle search scanning

Madoors Passenger Vehicle Scanning System

A compact, high-throughput, full-vehicle scanning solution for busy checkpoints.
Madoors scanning system scans passenger cars and other light vehicles to help security staff search for weapons, explosives, drugs and other threats. The system scans entire vehicles bumper to bumper in seconds as they drive through without stopping. Detailed images reveal even small items such as handguns, and color coding highlights explosives, drugs and other organic materials. The system's low X-ray dose allows drivers and passengers to remain in the vehicle while it is scanned, enabling the system to scan 150 vehicles per hour or more in the normal flow of checkpoint traffic.
x-ray vehicle cargo container truck scanning systems

Madoors scanning  system is a powerful, practical solution for scanning cargo containers, trucks and other vehicles in high-volume operations. Its x-ray imaging and radiation scanning help security staff intercept weapons, nuclear material and other contraband hidden in containers. It can scan entire vehicles, bumper to bumper and roof to tires, including occupants. And with its high throughput and small footprint, the system is ideal for seaports and other high-volume cargo facilities.

 X-ray cargo container  scaning

Madoors x-ray vehicle truck container scanning Imaging System 

Non-intrusive mobile imaging wherever it is needed. Overview madoors mobile imaging system allows customs and security agents to search vehicles and cargo for weapons, contraband and other suspicious items in remote locations and difficult terrain.

 X-ray container truck car vehicle search scaning

 X-ray cargo container truck car vehicle search scaning

 X-ray container truck  scaning

 X-ray cargo container truck car vehicle  scaning

 x-ray car scanner

The MAdoors Car Scanner - Stationary System is a drive thru x-ray scanner for screening occupied vehicles such as cars, 4 x 4WD, MPV, SUV and up to medium size vans. The system will assist security operators in identifying the presence of hidden persons and contraband, such as weapons, explosives and narcotics.

 x-ray vehicle scanner system

Applications MAdoors vehicle car scanner system

Border check points;
Government facilities;
Military bases;
Sporting events;
Temporary check points;
VIP facilities.

x-ray car scanner system

Conventional vehicle scanners require the driver and passengers to leave the vehicle prior to the scanning taking place to prevent harmful radiation exposure, this obviously slows the through put of vehicles to approximately 30 per hour and there is still a potential risk that the occupants may be carrying explosives.

 x-ray vehicle scanner

The Madoors vehicle car scanner systems , stationary system can provide an approximate though put of up to 360 vehicles per hour whilst scanning the vehicle and occupants for explosives and contraband.

 x-ray vehicle scanner system

The system significantly increases detection capabilities at both temporary and permanent checkpoints at borders, airports, seaports, military facilities, government facilities, national infrastructure, commercial facilities and other high-security locations.

Any concealed items will be quickly identified in vehicles travelling through the checkpoints. This system will dramatically reduce the inspection time at high volume vehicle checkpoint sites.The robust construction is able to withstand heavy vehicle of up to 10 tons.Madoors systems vehicle car scanner mobile or stationary systems in action The system utilises dual energy transmission X-ray technology.

The x-ray generator is located in the overhead portal above the target vehicle and the detectors are located in a housing beneath the vehicle, the x-ray beam is passed through the vehicle top to bottom; the resultant image is easily interpreted by the operator.


With other competitor systems the beam is directed from the bottom of one side of the target vehicle diagonally through the top of the other side of the vehicle, producing a distorted image that is difficult for the security operator to relate to and spot anomalies.

Organic objects detected are highlighted in very easily identifiable un-cluttered colour-coded images that practically eliminate clutter that is endemic on competitors systems.

The systems relatively small footprint allows it to be installed into an existing traffic lane using minimum manpower.

The resulting images are sent to a receiving station PC, which can be located in close proximity to the unit or remotely in a nearby security booth etc.

The system utilises a 160kV - 200 kV x-Ray imaging source and hyper-sensitive detectors together with "Passive filters" that provides a human safe and efficient inspection solution for any moving vehicle at checkpoints and critical installations. x-ray vehicle scanning system madoors

Madoors x-ray mobile vehicle container cargo truck scanner systems for border , Passive FilterThe Passive Filter Technology uses an intelligent filtering mechanism to effectively shield off any unnecessary radiation targeted to the driver and passengers during the inspection process.


System activation and deactivation is fully automatic;
Only 1 operator is required for operation;
Vehicles do not need to stop during screening;
Screening time for each vehicle is less than 10 seconds;
Vehicle, driver and passengers screened;
Vehicle screened at 20km per hour or faster;
Suspicious objects highlighted to operator;
Image can enhanced and enlarged for more detailed investigation;
Vehicle data are stored in database for report compilation or investigation;
Safety emergency stop buttons fitted;
System installation does not require civil works;
System can be relocated when required.
Receiving Station and Software Features

The system utilises an Intel@ i5 Core processor unit with a 22" monitor that displays a user friendly graphic user interface for control and review of images.

Control Station

Display image


The system has an easy to use software application for viewing system images and data this provides functions for monitoring and controlling the scanning operation, as well as functions for retrieving and analysing scanning images.

The software viewer software application is provided on the workstations that are supplied with the system, as an option the software viewer application can be supplied for installation on customer-supplied workstations to support additional operators or analysts.

The system viewer provides functions for controlling the scanning operation, and for retrieving and analysing X-ray images.

Operator Functions

The system viewer provides a variety of functions for monitoring and controlling the scanning operation.

View and change the disposition of the vehicle;
Enter comments about the vehicle;
Start and stop the scan;
View the system and source status and system messages;
High quality 16bit resolution image for object identification;
Zoom capability;
High pass image modes for different perspective of images;
Image enhancement image brightness and contrast;
Control panel provides navigation control of the image, data search and print;
Vehicle information panel displays vehicle information such as vehicle image, licence plate number, date of entry, time of entry and remarks field;
2TB hard disk stores comprehensive database, all data and vehicle information captured;
Print Function is provided to generate a print-out of the image captured together with the vehicle information when required.

Previous Inspections

The analyst can retrieve inspection records stored in the system database to review prior inspections at any time. The analyst can select from a chronological list of inspections or search for inspections by date, transaction ID, disposition, comments, and other criteria.

Analysis Scan

This enables the operator to view live or stored scanning images and provides functions for enhancing the images:-Annotation: Image-marking and text annotation.
Image enhancement: contrast stretch, pseudo-colour, edge enhancement, noise reduction;
Viewing: zoom, multiple regions of interest.

The system has a number of features to assist users analyse X-ray images, including contrast stretch, sharpening, smoothing, edge detection, noise reduction and pseudo-colour.

Auto Detect Mode

Auto Detect mode highlights suspicious objects allowing the operator to quickly analyse the images for concealed contraband.

Intelligent software algorithms automatically search and highlight suspicious objects.

MAdoors License Plate recognation systems reader

The MAdoors Car Scanner - Rapid Deployable System can be equipped with Madoors technology to read license plate numbers, enabling the system to automatically integrate the scanning data for each inspection. The madoors results can be manually reviewed and updated if required.

Please check with madoors regarding country to be deployed that number plates can be read.

Health & Safety

A scan exposes the occupants of the vehicle occupants to less than 0.01µSv of radiation at passive filtering zone;
In comparison, naturally occurring radioactive materials in the air and soil expose all persons to 3µSv radiation per day;
An aeroplane passenger receives approximately 5µSv of radiation per hour during flight, due to the increased elevation;
The system complies with ANSI N43.17-2009, the primary standard in the TÜRKİYE. for general purpose security screening of humans using X-rays.
Typical Images - High lighting Organic objects, substances in RED

Detection Capabilities

Organic threats such as explosives, stowaways, and drugs are displayed in shades of yellow and red, allowing the operator to quickly understand the vehicle's contents.


The madoors vehicle car scanning system operates using both single mode and dual energy X-ray systems.

The single energy system provides the black and white images and the dual energy provides colour images high lighting organic items such as explosives, stowaways, and drugs these are displayed in shades of yellow and red.

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