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 pas68 k12 crash tested barrier

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Under vehicle surveillance systems

Ministry of defense Turkmenistan
Under Vehicle scanning system program is full hd screen quality.

License Plate Recognition System
How does this system work?
under vehicle inspection system works fully automatically. Cars are detected automatically and begin the process of scanning through the metal detectors.
under vehicle Imaging system to identify license plates of the vehicle, all the information about the transfer process on the computer screen after two seconds.
What are the advantages of under vehicle imaging system ?
the methods and systems which used formerly which inspect the vehicles by employees with a mirror or a hand-held camera. Since this method is very slow and unsafe .
Product Types;
1. Un-vehicle 2048 * 2s Fixed Vehicle imaging and License Plate Recognition System
2. Un-vehicle 2048 * 2p Portable Vehicle imaging and License Plate Recognition System
3. Piranha Hand-Held Under Vehicle Recording and Imaging .
Fixed Type Systems:
Built-in entrances are usually preferred. Our company's engineers make preliminary study and then they present the project to the user. Installation and commissioning phase (related to our inventory situation) is around 3 days. this device is prefered to use as a fixed constant. devices are manufactured from quality steel ST52 and it have resistance to 20 ton heavy load. Installation pool are made 40 * 80 * 4 mm steel profiles and steel sheets are 2 mm thickness. The exposed surface is made from metal sheet thickness is 10 mm. All surfaces are coated with hot-dip galvanizing technology and has a 10-year anti-corrosion warranty. In addition, a second waterPNP inductive switch control system for emergencies. The unusual flooding system  and water flashes automatically protect itself and warn the user. it is also available with under vehicle camera system and air conditioning system. Heating and cooling process work automatically. There are 8 bar compressed air for cleaning the system. The system consists three controller units . PLC system for the camera (GPIO), the PLC main control system (GEMO) and computer (PC) . it is available with input / output control system  , 4 * 4 I / Q cards . under vehicle system have automatic detectors which detect metal. The system works like a copy machine.under vehicle camera system can take image while the vehicle is moving. Speed ​​time 1-100 km / h, which means images can be taken clearly.Vehicle plates taken at the time and in 99% accuracy.System is in normal plate, square plate, military, civil, red, relief, star commander plates, all plates from 4-10 recognizes the Latin alphabet. All images and information on the maximum display length of time for 2 seconds. The program language is Turkish software. under vehicle images have a resolution of 2048 * 10000 pixel. This is higher than the HD quality. The system monitor is a full HD 21'' or 22''. The system was created for the user in 3 types. Founder, Authorized Operator, User. Any number of users can be added. authories users menu can be limited . under vehicle imaging system is not affected by day and night, rain, humidity, sun and dust environments, the image is always the same and clear. The user can easily see even the smallest details. under vehicle images can be examined in color, black & white, negative, or in the form of linear edges. Under vehicle are specialized in manufacturing high power LED luminaire. Shutter hall is made ​​of steel construction and IP 67 norms. Our device is manufactured to ISO 9001 quality standards. Our company has the qualification certificates of TSE Service. Products are guaranteed for 2 years. 10 years spare parts warranty.
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